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Ayisha Modi narrates how she stole her mother’s money to support Samini

Ghanaian Raggea Dancehall Artist -Samini

Ayisha Modi who is an andent Ghanaian music lover, has narrated how she supported samini’s music career some year ago

Speaking in an interview with Deloris Frimpong Manso on the ‘Delay Show’ sighted by, Ayisha revealed she stole her mother’s money to support Samini at the timetime he was not financially sound.

she confessed telling her mother that the money given to her to purchase foodstuffs from the market has got missing home an while, she had given it to Samini.

According to her, her motivation to supporsupport Samini was due to the reason that she was the only female in the Highgrade Family Samini’s Fan base.

Though the amount was not enough in the year she mentioned , Ayisha recalled it was during time Samini released ‘Gyae Shi‘ and other songs.

She stated that she to know Stinebwoy through SaminiSamini

Ayisha, who is now a Staunch fan of Stonebwoy further stated that she decided to follow the latter when she left Samini’s camp to start his personal projects

Ayisha Modi also talked about how important it is for fans to support their artistes apart from the social media noise


Banger Alert

The underdog Upcoming Afro pop and Afro beat artist Bad man himself Nuhu Ziad better known by his stage name as king prodigal is yet to release a new banger title momo (mobile money) which features his godmother Onli Mc of heritage black entertainment date has been announced on the 10th of October the song will be out stay tune..

Produced by Alaska beatz…


5am, the Beach

As long as I was on the path I walked hard, but when I came to the black beach I had to run. For the tide was now nearly flowed; and to get through with my powder dry between the surf and the steep hill, took all the quickness I possessed. As it was, even, the wash caught me to the knees, and I came near falling on a stone. All this time the hurry I was in, and the free air and smell of the sea, kept my spirits lively; but when I was once in the bush and began to climb the path I took it easier.

The fearsomeness of the wood had been a good bit rubbed off for me by Master Case’s banjo-strings and graven images, yet I thought it was a dreary walk, and guessed, when the disciples went up there, they must be badly scared. The light of the lantern, striking among all these trunks and forked branches and twisted rope-ends of lianas, made the whole place, or all that you could see of it, a kind of a puzzle of turning shadows. They came to meet you, solid and quick like giants, and then span off and vanished; they hove up over your head like clubs, and flew away into the night like birds. The floor of the bush glimmered with dead wood, the way the match-box used to shine after you had struck a lucifer. Big, cold drops fell on me from the branches overhead like sweat. There was no wind to mention; only a little icy breath of a land-breeze that stirred nothing; and the harps were silent.

Shatta spoke out of anger, judge my talent for yourselves – Joint 77 tells Ghanaians

Ghanaian artiste, Joint 77 has appealed to Ghanaians not to judge his musical prowess and talent based on statements Shatta Wale made after their fallout.

According to him, Shatta Wale is a good-natured person who made a social media post calling his militants lazy out of anger and did not mean evil.

Commenting on Shatta Wale’s outbursts after their fallout in an interview on Happy 98.9 FM’s ‘Ayekoo After Drive’ with DJ Adviser, he said, “People say Shatta Wale was trying to kill my career after we broke apart but I know he spoke out of anger.”

The artiste revealed that he needs to work harder and prove to Ghanaians that he has something better to offer and not lazy as stated by his former boss.

The ex-militant furthered, “Ghanaians should not listen to any negative vibes about me but they should get my songs and judge me for themselves.”

When asked if leaving the Shatta Movement had affected him negatively, Joint 77 indicated that the incident had rather increased his following.

“When I was leaving the Shatta camp, I had some 20,000 followers on Facebook but after leaving, the number increased to 100,000.

Shatta Wale recently called the famous militant group lazy and disbanded them.

Joint 77 who was a member of the group seems to have suffered the most as his former boss used policemen to retrieve a car he gifted his signee on his birthday

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